We support our clients from their very first intention, all the way to the complete implementation of the chosen solution. Such support is foremost important for small and medium enterprises, which generally do not have internal capacities for establishing new production units abroad.

The decisive factors for planning of relocation of production are most commonly the following:

  • Customers’ pressure to decrease prices
  • Decision to follow an important client, who started production in a CEE country
  • Own expansion into the growing markets of CEE countries, which often requires own local production facilities
  • Using the potential of workforce with good qualification level with labour expenses reaching only 25 to 30% of those in WE

We offer a decisive advantage to our clients: a ready-made solution that eliminates the well-known obstacles:

  • Bureaucracy in the target area, unknown or confusing conditions for business activity
  • Reliability of local management
  • The client’s own personal is busy with operative management and cannot be given further tasks relating to the relocation of production or expansion

We support our clients during every step of the successful expansion or restructuring:

  • Feasibility study
  • Establishment of a business company in the target country with appropriate legal form
  • Choice of best suitable location, optimized according to the client’s needs
  • Obtainment of all necessary permits from local authorities
  • Negotiation of rental agreements to production facilities or purchase of land and construction of new facility
  • Search for suitable candidates for top - and middle-management positions
  • Recruitment of labour force
  • Implementation of accounting and payroll according to local laws (externally or internally)
  • Taking advantage of support programmes offered by local or governmental authorities

The advantages of cooperating with us are clear: we perform all the listed steps leading to realization of the business plan in accordance with the client’s wishes and needs. Thus we protect the client from possible delays and unnecessary expenses.